Hens Night

What exactly is a hens night out? Many blokes know that this is the night when women gather together in droves and head out to gossip, drink, shop, and party like there is no tomorrow. Whether you hen party consists of a group of bridesmaids going out to view the Harbour of  Sydney or a group of office friends going on a pub crawl, you can create a night to remember through us. At SydneyHensNights.com.au, we specialize in providing our clients with options for any kind of entertainment they could ever want. From pole dancing to a night sail, we have it all.

We are a business that acts as a go between for you and the places you want to be; we can provide you with exclusive VIP lounge passes or lessons in dancing. The sky is the limit when it comes to your entertainment, and we can accommodate large wedding parties or intimate friends from out of town. Since it can be difficult to round up tickets to all of the events and work out transportation arrangements, we make sure that you don’t have to – it gets done for you at one price. Look on our website for all of the details.

Sydney has some of the finest dining, the best views and the most interesting side-bar attractions in all of Australia. If you want to see something new in this vibrant city, we can help you see it from a travelling party bus, from the deck of a ship or from a sedate tea room. You can party like there is no tomorrow or sip demurely at a wine tasting event – the choice is yours, and we can make sure you get exactly what you want. We offer Hens Night package deals and terrific pricing for tours and events.

If you are interested in the gorgeous waters of Sydney Harbour, you can enjoy many aquatic activities with us. We can offer a hen’s party like no other – why do the expected when there is so much more to offer? Have you ever wanted to see what Sydney looks like from a boat at night? Here is your chance to toast your friends while to dance to the sounds of the waves from our charter boat arrangements. Want to wine and dine like a millionaire? We can find you the most exclusive restaurants and bistros around, so set up your booking today.