Hens Night Games

What exactly is a “hen party”? This is another name for a bachelorette party, which is when a bride to be celebrates her upcoming wedding with her closest friends and family members. Typically, the hen party will usually include drinks, visits to favourite pubs or games to get the girls in the mood for a simple and fun evening in celebration.

Every hen’s night needs good hens’ night games, and you need to make sure that you aren’t recycling the same lame ideas from every other hen party you have been to. Drinking games are a fun favourite, and you can enjoy them at a pub or at someone’s home. Drinking games give everyone a chance to relax and lighten up the mood; this can be the case whether you are visiting your first bar or your tenth. Add a truth or dare into the mix, and you may have a night of surprising revelations! Truth or dare challenges can be off the top of your head or from a board game.

Nothing can set off a night with a bride-to-be than a smashing evening out with her fellow hens; when you get the games rolling, you can not only enjoy the camaraderie but perhaps find out interesting titbits about your fellow hens.  For example, with a truth or dare game, you may find out exactly who your best friend had a crush on in school, or who has had Botox. You can also help the shy ones come out of their shell for the night, or see who is a surprising karaoke star. Whatever your motivation, you really need to have hen’s games to make the night a success. Games keep the mood upbeat, keep everyone focused on fun and can help everyone feel like they are a special part of the evening.

Exotic dance or pole dancing lessons can be a terrific hens party idea; you can heat up the night and have a bit of naughty fun, and the best part is that you can go home and use what you learned in the most fun way imaginable. A hen party should be a night to remember and you need to keep things lively and memorable. Whether you choose to find sexy decorations or want the best party games, you can find simple ways to keep every gal happy that they came, and help the bride enjoy her special night out.